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In this episode, Micheal Bell returns to the Small Scale Life Podcast to discuss progress at Half Acre Farm. There have been a few changes and improvements since our interview in October 2017!  Michael and I discuss urban farming in cold weather and high winds, and we will discuss the effect on his crops and his plan moving forward.  We discuss some future projects and building soil using Regenerative Agriculture techniques discussed in a recent seminar by Gabe Brown.  We also discuss the NFL games last weekend including the Minneapolis Miracle.

As a programming note, this is the first episode of the BellCast: a monthly podcast on Small Scale Life focused on the ups and downs of urban farming on Michael’s Half Acre Farm.  Michael has been farming at this location since purchasing the land in 2016, and he sells produce locally to friends, colleagues and others.


In this podcast, Michael Bell and I discussed the following:

Minneapolis Miracle and Football Games

  • New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings
  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Patriots Super Bowl and Dynasties


  • Who is Michael Bell?
  • Half Acre Farm – Humble Beginnings
  • 2000 square feet to 15,000 square
  • 30 inch wide garden beds that are 25 feet long

Urban Farming 

  • Winter Conditions: Wind Storm and Cold Weather this Year
  • Crops:  Damage and Destruction
  • Low Tunnels: Success or Failure?
  • Long Term Weather Outlook in Texas
  • Bouncing Back: Planting New Crops
    • Salinova
    • Zucchini
    • 5 Tomato Varieties
      • 50 Large Cherry
      • 25 Super Sweet 100’s
      • 10 Glacier (will blossom in 38 degree F temps)
      • Marigolds
      • 25 Black Cherry Tomatoes – they get big!
    • Aggressive pruning and blight control – how to control blight
    • Selecting crops based on vegetable and profit potential
  • Customer Service and Sales
    • Breaking Bad News
    • Getting New Customers – Developing the “Waiting List”
    • Grocery Store Clients
    • Instagram connecting People and Customers
    • Eating Real Food – Michael’s Salad Mix creates a Unique Taste which Sells Itself

Regenerative Agriculture

  • Rebuilding Soil using Regenerative Agriculture Techniques – Gabe Brown
    • Rancher and Soil Expert from North Dakota
    • Regenerated Soil in 3 or 4 Years on His Ranch
    • Five Laws to Regenerate Soil
      • Urban Farm
      • Backyard Gardens
  • Micheal’s West Texas Project
  • Tom’s Central Wisconsin Project

Philosophy and Continuous Learning

  • Time waits for no one
  • Getting things figured out; having a successful life
  • Why Michael and I REALLY do chores

Farm Expansion and Logistics

  • Greenhouse Purchased!  How to transport?
  • Future Greenhouses of Half Acre Farm
  • Keeping the Greenhouses Warm

Putting It All Together

  • Key topics discussed and next steps

Regenerative Agriculture; homesteading; permaculture; bees; beekeeping; small business; CSA; podcast; Small Scale Life

Old Gravel Pit in Central Wisconsin – 2013

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Homemade low tunnels for the cold and wind; will they be enough? – December 2017

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