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Welcome to Small Scale Life!  This is Season 2 Episode 25, and in this episode, I am completing my interview with Michael Bell from Dallas, Texas.  Michael is a husband, dad, teacher, small business owner, body builder, trainer, and urban farmer.  In Season 2 Episode 24, Michael and I discussed his urban farm called Half Acre Farm, but that is only one of Michael’s businesses.  Michael is also a body builder and fitness trainer, and I had to get his Healthy Lifestyle Advice for those of us just starting out on our journey.  What is interesting is that Michael’s advice is similar to what he heard from Kevin Michael Geary in HELP Episode 7.  That tells me that these two guys are ON to something….

For all of my homesteader, market gardener and urban farmer friends, you will want to hang through this podcast.  In fine Tomres’ fashion (that isn’t a spelling error, by the way…I guess I have a nickname), I swerve the discussion back to his urban farming operation and talk about lessons learned and the future of the Half Acre Farm.

Thank you Michael Bell for spending the time with me and our listeners at Small Scale Life!  You are always welcome back to our show, and I am sure we will be talking with you in the near future.


In this podcast, Michael Bell and I discussed the following:

Body Building

  • How did Michael get into Body Building?  What is your story?
  • Training others (developing a practice and using technology)
  • As a body builder, what do you eat?
  • What is Michael’s healthy lifestyle advice for people just starting on their journey?

Urban Farming

  • Lessons Learned in Body Building that translate to Urban Farming
  • Future projects and ideas; expansion?

In Part 1 of this interview, we discussed his experience starting and developing his urban farm.  Check it out!

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