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June is moving right along, and I hope you are doing well!  A while back, I had a great conversation about Homesteading in Ohio with Daniel Bokros.  Daniel is one of the Ohio Get Stuff Done Crew, and he has his own homestead called the Red Dog Ranch.  In this podcast, we discuss his journey from deploying to Southern Afghanistan with the US Marine Corps to homesteading in the Ohio countryside, and what Daniel and his wife Christie are doing on their homestead.

Topics Discussed – Homesteading in Ohio with Daniel Bokros

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May the odds be in your favor! Chickens on Red Dog Ranch in Ohio

Daniel and I had a great conversation about real community, land, Joel Salatin, building soil, bees, pressure canning, chicken pigs and cows.  That is a lot to pack into an hour! Here is a list of the topics for Homesteading in Ohio with Daniel Bokros:

Introductions – Who is Daniel Bokros?

The Land: Red Dog Ranch

  • Marine Corps and Deployment in Afghanistan
  • Post-Marine Corps – Living as a Hermit
  • Debt Free Philosophy
  • Breaking Free; Finding the Land

Chickens, Part 1

  • Meat birds
  • Egg Layers
  • Consignment at a local store; barter for goods and services
  • Where to Start with Chickens?
    • Varieties
    • Hunger Games Feeding
    • Free Range Chickens
    • Circle of Life on the Homestead

Joel Salatin and Polyface Farm

Rebuilding Soil

  • Deals and Agreements; the Power of Barter
  • Neighbors


  • “Nothing to it but to do it”
  • The Italian Jobs

Pressure Canners and Canning

  • All American Pressure Cookers
  • Rule of Thumb: “See the pressure canner you want, and get the next bigger size.”

Chickens Part 2

  • Meat birds: Cornish Cross
  • Commercial vs. Homegrown
  • 8 weeks and Community Butchering
  • Pre-Selling Chickens

Pigs and Cows

  • Chicken Bedding
  • Food Scraps
  • Working with Cows

Why Homesteading?

  • Escape
  • Self Sufficiency
  • Community

Putting It All Together

  • Closing thoughts

Links for Homesteading in Ohio

Homesteading in Ohio, Homestead, Livestock, Chickens, Cows, Pigs, Bees, Sustainable Life, Rural Living, Rural Life, Frugal Living, reduce debt, simple life, simple living, tribe, community, Small Scale Life Podcast

Daniel and Christie on Red Dog Ranch

If you want to know more about Daniel and Christie and their Red Dog Ranch, please see the following links:

Red Dog Ranch Website

Red Dog Ranch on Facebook

Nature’s Image Farm – Greg Burns Tribe and Homesteading

Ohio Get Stuff Done Crew

Joel Salatin from Polyface Farm

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