Workout Plan – Week of 5/3/16

Welcome to Massive May!  It is another glorious spring week here in Minnesota!  Why am I so stoked?  Well, we have a bunch of things planned and happening at Small Scale Life this month.  It is Massive May!  The workout failure of a couple weeks ago is ancient history, and it is a brand new month.  The air is clean, plants are greening up and everyone is getting ready for the sun.  This means we will have an opportunity to get outside and exercise!  I know: that is exactly what I did to kickoff my workout plan for this week, and that momentum is carrying me forward!

Diet Plan Update

Last week I dove into the numbers and data from the MyFitnessPal app and talked about the amount of carbohydrates I was consuming.  I received some more information from Julie’s dad (The Old Trapper) about managing carbohydrates, and I will be reading that information, digesting it, posting some of it and, most importantly, putting it into practice this week.

Workout Plan – Week of 5/3/16

For a summary of last week’s workout, you’ll have to go back to last week’s blog post.  I have decided that I am going to focus these posts on the week ahead, not the week behind.   I will update the week’s workout plan as I go through the week.  It helps me stay accountable and on track during the week.

For this week, I started it outside in Central Wisconsin, hunting wild turkeys on 120 acres of pine and hardwood forest.  While there were periods of sitting against a tree and making odd turkey noises, my son Ryan and I did walk around a large chunk of the property on Saturday and Sunday.  I will count that exercise as a hike since there is plenty of terrain that we had to cross.

On Monday, I was back in the pool, it felt good to get back swimming.  I was under a time crunch for this workout in order to get back home to record this week’s podcast, hence getting down to business and swimming 3/4 mile in 40 minutes, which I believe is a PR for me.

On Tuesday, I lifted weights and completed 3.25 miles on the elliptical trainer.  Again, I had to get stuff done, so I could get home to record another upcoming podcast!  Such is life this week on Small Scale Life during Massive May. The rest of the week’s workout plan is listed below.

Day Planned Exercise Actual Exercise  Time 
Sunday 5/1/16 Hike in Woods Hike
Monday 5/2/16 Swim Swam 3/4 miles 40 minutes
Tuesday 5/3/16 Lift Weights – Upper Body

 Lift Weights – Upper Body

Elliptical Trainer – 3.25 miles

40 minutes

35 minutes

Wednesday 5/4/16 Lift Weights – Leg Day  Field work outside  Most of Day
Thursday 5/5/16 Swim 1 mile  Treadmill – 2 miles  35 minutes
Friday 5/6/16

Spin Class

Lift Weights – Upper Body

 Field work outside  Most of Day
Saturday 5/7/16   Elliptical Trainer or Walk Worked in the yard for 4 hours 4 hours

Next Steps

I am continuing to work on my weight loss journey, and it was great to hear Jay’s tips and advice in the How to Lose 70 Pounds Podcast last week.  Even this week, I had an opportunity to interview Scott Hebert from Flavourful Farms in Canada for Season 1, Episode 9 of the Small Scale Life Podcast, and Scott worked hard and lost 60 pounds as part of his trained for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting.

Both Jay and Scott have put in the hard work, and they shared some tips and advice with me.  I will be consolidating their tips in a separate podcast for everyone.  I will provide a link when that podcast is ready.

In the meantime, keep working hard.  It’s not easy changing our lives; it takes focus and hard work!