Workout Plan – Week of April 25, 2016

Last week is dead and gone….like dust blowing in the wind.  It is time to move on, and I am done talking about my workout plan failure.  No more wallowing!  No more avoiding posting about how bad I am sucking. We are kicking down the door and moving full speed ahead, and it started bright and early at 5:15 AM this morning. Boom….welcome to the world and getting stuff done!

Here is my diet and workout plan for this week.  Always remember: I am not a dietitian or professional athlete; I am just sharing what I am doing.

New Diet Plan

Weight Loss; Weight Tracker

Baseline: My weight as of 4/25/16; Source: MyFitnessPal

Julie’s dad is on a diet, and he has lost 15 pounds already.  15 POUNDS IN SIX WEEKS!

  • Naturally I congratulated him.
  • Naturally, I am curious in what he is doing.
  • Naturally, I am really pissed off (not at him, at myself).

How long have I been doing this?  How long have I been skating on this plateau?  How long am I going to continue to do this without results?

How long?  Look at the chart above.  Look at it!  Bopping along at roughly this weight since the Week of February 11, 2016.  Let’s face it: that stinks and is not good enough.

Last week, I rolled out some statistics and data from MyFitnessPal, and I came to the following conclusions:

  • Slacking on the weekends – The dips on the calories consumed chart are weekends, starting on Fridays and ending on Sundays (half the week, really). That needs to change right now, this weekend.
  • High carbohydrate/fat diet isn’t working – Carbohydrates and fats make up 52 percent of my current diet.  As I told my friend Jay after our Cows and Kettlebells Podcast, I am eating flour tortillas, chips, crackers and bread.  I will also have mayonnaise on sandwiches and drinking alcohol on occasion (wine and beer).  Jay recommended substituting veggies for chips and crackers and reducing bread and tortilla consumption.  There will be time to drink wine and beer on special occasions.
  • Protein is too low – I am not meeting my goal for protein, and this is consistent as I look back over the weeks in MyFitnessPal.  I have to kick this up as I reduce carbohydrates and fats.  Protein is great for building muscle and breaks down slowly, making you feel more full.  WebMD has some good suggestions for adding protein to my diet, so I am going to eat more of these foods.

This week, I am trying something new.  I am making some serious changes to my diet: I am significantly reducing carbohydrates in my diet.  I am going to limit my carbohydrates to 60 grams at each meal and 30 grams at each snack (if I have one).  I will also work on increasing the protein in my diet as well.

I posted my overall nutrition chart for the past seven days and my chart from today below.  Keep in mind that blue is carbohydrates, red is fat and green is protein.  The most notable observations: protein is up, fat is up and carbohydrates are WAY down.  The fat is higher due to nuts and dairy I had today.  Overall, I am slightly below my calorie intake today.

We’ll see what happens with this modification to my diet as I dial it in and make adjustment.  I am off to a good start.

Nutrition Chart; Carbohydrate Chart; MyFitnessPal

Nutrition over the past week as of 4/25/16. Source: MyFitnessPal

Workout Plan – Week of 4/25/16

This week started off with a bang: Julie convinced me to go to the 6 AM spin class.  Let me tell you: I have never done spin class EVER in my life, and I had my reservations.  I have to admit, it was a damn fine workout, especially with someone who has had knee problems and plantar fasciitis.  I really got a great workout, and I will be adding that to my weekly routine.  I was drenched afterwards!

I will have to adjust my overall plan, considering that was a tough leg workout.  Here is what is on tap this week.

Day  Planned Exercise Actual Exercise  Time 
Sunday 4/25/16  None None
Monday 4/26/16

Spin Class


Spin Class

Walk on treadmill

60 minutes

35 minutes

Tuesday 4/27/16 Lift Weights – Upper Body
Wednesday 4/28/16 Swim 1 mile
Thursday 4/29/16 Lift Weights – Leg Day
Friday 4/30/16

Lift Weights – Leg Day

Swim 1 mile

Saturday 5/1/16 Hike in Woods

State of My Head

I have to get up and keep moving.  I am trying some new stuff this week, and things are going to start to move.  Screw this plateau!  I refuse to sit here at 296 pounds forever.  I am ready.  It’s time to roll.

As it says in the song:

“Oh, our flag is tattered
And our bones are shattered
But it doesn’t matter
‘Cause we’re moving forward”

How about you?  Are YOU ready to start your world?