Workout Plan – Week of 5/9/16

It is the start of Week 2 of Massive May!  It was a bit rainy here in the Twin Cities today, and it looks like the weather is going to be like that all week.  That means I will be heading back to the gym to get this week’s workout plan done.

Diet Plan Update

I am continuing to enter data into the MyFitnessPal app, and I will be rolling out some numbers next week.  This week, I am going to be reading and putting into practice the low carbohydrate diet plan that Julie’s dad is using.  I just did not have a chance to read the materials with everything going on last week.  As my friend Jay would say, that is total baloney, and I need to get the work done.  He is right on the money.  There are no excuses; it is time to pay attention to detail and get the work done.

Workout Plan – Week of 5/9/16

MapMyWalk; app; map; walking; exercise; tracking; Lake Calhoun; Minneapolis; Minnesota

The MapMyWalk app does a nice job tracking your walks and provides useful data – 5/8/16

Overall, last week was a mixed bag. I did not go to the gym as much, but I was active outside at work and doing yard work.  I lifted on Tuesday and got into the pool on Monday.  Those were two good workouts, and even though I was not doing high impact workouts when I was in the field for work or in the yard, I was active for most of the day.  As Scott Hebert said at the end of Episode 9 of the Small Scale Life Podcast, keep active even when you do not feel like working out.  Over time, it will have an impact.

I have put together the basic workout plan below.  The weather was fantastic on Mother’s Day, and Julie and I got out for a walk around Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis.  I used the MapMyWalk app to track my walk, and that is a useful tool for tracking routes, workout times and splits.  Hopefully Julie and I will get out for another walk this week.

Day Planned Exercise Actual Exercise  Time 
Sunday 5/8/16

Walk around Lake Calhoun

Yard work

Walked around Lake Calhoun – 5.06 miles

Yard Work

85 minutes

60 minutes

Monday 5/9/16 None None None
Tuesday 5/10/16

Lift Weights – Upper Body


Wednesday 5/11/16 Lift Weights – Leg Day
Thursday 5/12/16 Swim 1 mile
Friday 5/13/16

Spin Class

Lift Weights – Upper Body

Saturday 5/14/16   Elliptical Trainer or Walk

Next Steps

This is going to be a REALLY BUSY with relatives and friends coming for Barb’s (my mother-in-law’s) birthday party.  There will be a lot of good food and drinks, so I am going to have to stay on my plan and keep working out.  It will be difficult given the food that will be available, but this is where focus and this workout plan will be useful tools.

Focus!  Focus!  Focus!