In this episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, we are going to discuss how Michael Bell is Building an Urban Farm from Scratch.  

It’s been a while since we had Michael on the show!  The last time he was on the show, we discussed the Soup Gardening Concept in Spring 2019.  In case you are new to Small Scale Life, the Soup Gardening Concept is growing vegetables and herbs which are ingredients needed in a hearty vegetable soup.  Michael Bell and I came up with the concept, and it was a lot of fun growing those vegetables last year!  I will be doing a follow-up episode on that topic soon, and you can find the original episode on

The Only Constant is Change….

Building an Urban Farm from Scratch, tunnel

My how times changed since the Spring of 2019!

Since that episode, Michael Bell changed jobs, sold his old house, moved to a new house, sold his old half acre farm and found new farming properties. These new farming properties have provided new challenges and opportunities, and there are some clear take-aways from this conversation if you are starting your own garden or urban farm.  In this episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, we are going to discuss how Michael Bell is Building an Urban Farm from Scratch. 

Remember: it always comes back to the three basic elements to grow plants:

  • Light
  • Nutrients and
  • Water

If you have the right balance of these three elements, you can grow plants anywhere! When you are out of balance, you need to adjust, adapt and overcome to get back into balance again.

Topics Discussed on Building an Urban Farm from Scratch

Building an Urban Farm from Scratch, Container Tomatoes

During this episode, Michael and I discussed the following topics:

Let’s Celebrate!

Introductions – Who is Michael Bell?

Change is in the Air

Looking For Land

Salad Outpost

  • Power of Networking and Community
  • Bed Preparation in Clay
  • Nutrient Poor Compost
  • Adding Nutrients – Compost Testing with Big Box Store Brands
  • Water – Rainwater Solutions

Starting the New Dallas Half Acre Farms

  • Found a New Property
  • Soil Conditions = Less than Optimal
  • Adding Nutrients – Compost from Testing at Lettuce Outpost
  • Water – Rainwater Solutions
  • Growing Philosophy – Lettuce Outpost vs. Main Farm
  • Available Markets – Housing Development, Vegans, Grocery Store
  • What is Michael growing for CSA Boxes?  Vegetable Fresh List

Future Projects

  • Cover Crop Testing and Success
  • Expand with Tunnels and Tarps
  • Shed Project
  • City Water (Future)


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Building an Urban Farm from Scratch, gardening, Michael Bell

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Dallas Half Acre Farms

Where can we find more of Michael Bell?  The following links take you to his Instagram pages:

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Michael Bell’s Personal Page (Coaching and Weightlifting)


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