For this podcast, Julie and I talked about the Health and Fitness Renew You Kickstart with Karen Mangieri, who is Julie’s sister living in Georgia.  For those of you not in the Small Scale Life Facebook Group, Karen was our most active member during the Health and Fitness Renew You Kickstart.  In fact, Karen had the title of “Uncrustable Queen” prior to the kickstart, and she has made considerable progress on planning her meals, prepping food and staying consistent using the 24 Hour Plans! 

We have talked about Karen on previous Small Scale Life Podcasts, so in this podcast, we decided to interview her.  We talked about the Health and Fitness Renew You Kickstart, what she learned, what she is doing and give us some feedback about the Health and Fitness Renew You Kickstart.  

Heath and Fitness Renew You Kickstart with Karen Mangieri Questions

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As always, Julie and I had some questions for our guest. Here is a list of the questions, even though we deviated from them a bit (as we tend to do):

  1. Tell is about yourself and your experience dieting.  You don’t have to go into extreme detail, but give folks an idea of who you are.
  2. What are your health and fitness goals? How do they play into your overall life plan?
  3. Why did you start the Health and Fitness Renew You Kickstart?
  4. How does the kickstart differ than other programs you’ve tried?
  5. Have you been using the 24 Hour Plan? 
  6. Have you been journaling?
  7. You have an injury. What are you doing to exercise?
  8. Is it working? Are you feeling stronger?
  9. You are going from The Uncrustable Queen to cooking and meal prepping. Tell us about  that. 
  10. What recipes and meals have you tried? What recipes and preps would you like to see on Small Scale Life?
  11. How are you going to take this Kickstart to the next level?  How can we help you take this to the next level?

Special Thanks

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Karen dog sledding on an Alaskan glacier – 2018

Thank you, Karen, for coming on the Small Scale Life Podcast! We know that was a bit out of your comfort zone, but you did GREAT! Your feedback on the Health and Fitness Renew You Kickstart will help us in future efforts and improve our content.

We appreciate your time and the neat journals you sent to us. We are using them all the time (I am writing in mine this morning, as a matter of fact).

Starting Your Health and Fitness Journey

24 Hour Plan, Health and Fitness Renew You

If you would like to join the Health and Fitness Kickstart, you can at any time! The “program” is totally free, and you can sign up on the Health and Fitness Renew You in 2019 Page at Small Scale Life.

When you sign up with the Health and Fitness Renew You Kickstart, you will receive the following:

  1. Introduction e-mail and video
  2. 24 Hour Plan Worksheet
  3. Link to the Small Scale Life Facebook Group (I just provided that)
  4. Daily e-mails providing instruction and/or motivation

Putting It All Together


“The only thing that will change your life is execution”

Kevin Geary from Rebooted Body

Keep it low and slow. Start small and incrementally work up to the next level. The key, however, is to start! Even though Karen has a back injury, she made the commitment to start and is seeing results. You can too!

We hope this inspired you to stop wishing and dreaming and actually starting!

Remember to learn, do, grow and be a little better everyday!
Go get em, Lifers!

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