In this 204th Episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, I have my good friend Mr. Tactical Jay back on the show to talk about the Modern Day Back to the Land Movement including gardening, homesteading and being more self-reliant.

I have known Jay for over 10 years, and he and his wonderful wife are experiencing their own Back to the Land Movement as they develop their garden and create a homestead somewhere on the East Coast of the United States.

At the time of this recording, Jay and his wife were on the eve of a massive gardening project. The next morning, they were going to clear and build their dream garden.  What is more remarkable is that this garden, like their home, is on the side of a mountain.

Modern Day Back to the Land Movement

There have been many Back to the Land Movements in our history history.  There was one in the 1920’s and another one that started in the early to mid-1970’s.  Economic uncertainly and hard times seem to be forerunners and harbingers of Back to the Land Movements.

In the 1970’s version, people left the urban areas and struck out on their own.  Many were fleeing the crime, consumerism, government corruption, inflation, disillusionment over the Vietnam War and pollution.  Many of these people were idealists and “hippies” setting up homesteads and communes, and they wanted to connect with the land, Mother Nature and produce something through their hard work and skills.

Reading some literature and news articles from the day, I believe modern folk are not so different than our ancestors of that era.

The Modern Day Back to the Land Movement is upon us as more people have moved out of the urban areas are beginning their own homesteading are journeys.  Crime, corruption, the global pandemic, scarcity and technology are fueling this new Modern Day Back to the Land Movement.  Many of us feel an internal call to get back and connect to the Land, become grounded and feel something real (for a change).

Maybe we are the idealists and hippies of our age!

Inspiring Others

modern day back to the land movement; Mr. Tactical Jay; homesteading; gardening

Jay and his wife are starting their homesteading and gardening journey with a massive project that will allow them to be more self-sufficient.  They are going to learn a lot along the way, but eventually they going to move beyond completing gardening and homesteading tasks for themselves and open their doors to others.  They will bring people in to see and experience the world they are creating and inspire them to try.

That is when and where the real magic happens.

Remember: anyone can do this.  Jay and his wife will show people what is possible and what they can do with some soil, some sun, some water and some seed.

Some people need to be shown what is possible.  Some people need permission to start.

What is exciting is that Jay and his wife are on a similar trajectory as Julie and me.  We share those goals and visions of what their little mountainside homestead or our little farm can be.

We are all trying to live a little like Laura Ingalls Wilder in a confusing, chaotic and rapidly changing world.  A path is before us, but it is punctuated by a lot of hard work and on-the-job learning.  The path won’t be easy, but it will be worth it in the end.


This is what we are doing.  This is the path forward; this is the way.   


Join us as Jay and I talk about the Modern Day Back to the Land Movement through our own eyes, experiences and homesteads.

More about Mr. Tactical Jay

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One of these men is Mr. Tactical.  The other is a short, but dangerous, man.

I met Mr. Tactical through a different podcast many years ago; however, Mr. Tactical is one of my closest friends in real life beyond the Small Scale Life Podcast. Mr. Tactical has been there through thick and thin in my life.  We all need a Mr. Tactical to push us forward and keep us moving.  I do the same for him; that’s how our friendship works.

Mr. Tactical has been on the Small Scale Life Podcast several times since early 2016.  He was on the first Small Scale Life Podcast, and gods willing, he’ll be on the last some day in the WAY distant future.

Here is a list (and a progression of our lives) since starting this podcast in 2016:

Jay is a close friend and confidaunt.  I appreciate his friendship, and I will stand with him thrpugh the worst hellstorm. Hail, my brother. May the gods shine upon you and bless your kin and frith.


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modern day back to the land movement; Mr. Tactical Jay; homesteading; gardening

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